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My Story: A Life Without Walls

My name is Raul Espino and I am a quadriplegic with a C6 – C7 spinal cord injury. My disability occurred when I was a child and I have grown up adapting and navigating my way through this beautiful life. I live in Houston Texas and own a computer consulting business. Travel has become an essential part of the success of my business, but has also given way to a newfound love. I love to explore and I want to bring the ability to explore to everyone. Through my travels and experiences, I have found that there is a wealth of assistance and amenities available, yet they are not easy to find. I am going to change that for the benefit of everyone.

I have chosen Las Vegas as our initial accessible destination. This beautiful city already has all of the ingredients necessary for anyone to create lasting memories. Accessible destinations is going to combine all of these ingredients so that you have the experience and opportunity to tell your friends, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!” I believe Las Vegas sets the bar in total accessibility, and it is my mission to replicate this level of accessibility to all the major destinations in the United States, and eventually the world. I welcome all partners and entities that wish to join in to my vision of an accessible world. Life is too short to be lived in a box. Join me and let’s go!!

Our Vision

Accessible destinations will be the resource for both travelers and entities that provide travel services. Accessible destinations can be your concierge, consultant, and travel partner. Accessible destinations can also help you provide accessibility consultation services for your guests and patrons. Accessible destinations wants to unite the mobility-impaired community.

Our Values

Accessible destinations believes everyone deserves a chance to enjoy the beautiful things we have in life. Mobility impairment may present new challenges, but Accessible Destinations wants to show you that these challenges can be simply overcome so you can experience the excitement of life.