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Airline Accessibility  Assistance

Please contact your airline so that they can create a custom itinerary to meet your traveling needs.

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Preflight Rules: 

Here are some helpful tips to make flight as comfortable as possible. Trust Raul, he knows because he has been there.

Rule #1

To be there early is to be on time.

  • The more time that you give the airline personnel, the better they can assist your personal needs.
  • To minimize security delays, get approved for TSA Pre-Check :
  • Call TSA 72 hours ahead for security tips when travelling  (855) 787-2227
  • Charge all battery powered devices! Devices must have battery life sufficient for 150% of the scheduled flight time.

Rule #2

Allow time to use the bathroom prior to boarding.

  • Once seated in the aircraft, using the bathroom is virtually impossible.
  • Make sure to have your personal supplies (ie. insulin, catheters, etc.) in your carry-on bag in case of unexpected delays.
Raul Tip: “Refrain from drinking anything until midway through the trip.”

Rule #3

Know your travel schedule.

  • Arrive at the airport 3 hours prior to your scheduled departure time.
  • Prepare for security checkpoint delays and
  • Pre-boarding occurs 30 minutes before regularly scheduled departure. This means that you need to alert gate personnel 1 hour prior to departure time in the case that you need assistance with 1) seat relocation, 2) wheelchair assistance 3) aisle chair assistance into aircraft, 4) transferring to your seat.
  • Do not hesitate in letting the staff know how they can help you. The more they know, the better your experience will be.
Raul Tip: “If you need special utensils or drinking cups, don’t forget to put them in your carry-on. No knives!”

Rule #4

Know your equipment.

  • Make sure that your respiratory device meets FAA requirements. Portable oxygen concentrators must bear an FAA label with the following text in red lettering:
The manufacturer of this POC has determined that this device conforms to all applicable FAA acceptance criteria for POC carriage and use on board aircraft.
  • Make sure your power wheelchair is FAA approved for travel. Know what type of battery your wheelchair utilizes (dry, gel, wet).
  • If you use a power wheelchair, know where the power switches are to deactivate the chair and how to put it in freewheel / neutral.
  • Know where the tie down points are; this will assist the ramp personnel in securing your chair when they load it into the aircraft
  • If you use a manual chair, show the personnel how to fold and properly place your chair in storage mode.
  • Keep your cushion with you! Flight personnel may remove the cushion during storage and it may get lost.
  • If you have a walker/cane, show the personnel how to properly fold/store your mobility device.
  • If your wheelchair or device has any detachable bags/backpacks, keep them with you on the aircraft.
Raul Tip: “Take a picture of any of your equipment stored by flight crew. If they are lost or damaged, you will be able to assist travel personnel.”

Pre-Flight Checklist

Just a few more steps to ensure you are ready to access your dreams.

Step One

I have informed my travel agency about my reduced mobility at least 48 hours before departure and have listed my specific requirements. These include: the use of special mobility aids and services (e.g. being met with a wheelchair, taking my guide dog with me, etc.).

Step Two

Mobility Equipment make, model, color, serial number

Step Three

Personal supplies to carry on board (Questions, call TSA 72 hours prior to departure 1 (855) 787-2227)

Step Four

Wheelchair Battery Charger

Step Five

Packed Eating Utensils if Needed

Step Six

Disability identification cards (military disability ID, Public transportation ID, Parking Placard)